Telehealth at Bedford Medical Centre – We will soon be offering phone and  video consultations remotely for registered patients who do not need to see the  GP in person. It is considered  safe and appropriate practice for GPs to consult registered or referred patients so long as they have access to the clinical details relating to the patient. We are happy to be able to offer this form of consulting to our patients or to patients  referred by their own GP to us. We use your medical record as well as our ongoing knowledge of your health to allow you to consult conveniently where this is medically appropriate.
You can book a remote consultation by following the link here.  (The link will show here when the service is up and running)
While many issues can be managed safely by telehealth, you will understand that sometimes the telephone discussion with the doctor will lead to the need for you to attend in person at a convenient time for a medical examination or tests.


  • Standard  telephone consultation for a new problem = €40.00
  • Video consultation for a new problem = €55.00
  • Follow-up consultation by telephone or video = €20.00
  • Follow-up in person consultation for examination by the GP at the surgery = €30.00
  • Follow up at the surgery with the Nurse for tests or treatments- see  surgery fee schedule on this website.
  • Call back for results of tests = No charge
  • Call back for problems with treatment = No charge

What consultations might  be suitable for telehealth 

  • Follow-up  discussion of ongoing illness or treatment where you have already had a diagnosis from the GP or hospital.
  • A familiar, perhaps recurring illness, such as minor infection (urinary, throat, skin…)
  • A familiar  pain problem such as back pain, limb pain.
  • Where you have symptoms that are not severe but you need to find out whether anything needs to be done to look into them.
  • A repeat prescription. Some repeat prescriptions will require  face-to-face visit and/or tests from time to time, but the GP can discuss with you safe intervals for in-person consulting (eg  Contraceptive prescriptions, HRT, Blood pressure, Heart medication)
  • Advice relating to symptoms in your  child. 

What consultations might best be seen with the GP in person?

  • Severe symptoms of an acute nature. In these  cases it is often better to ask to speak with the doctor urgently rather than wait for a telehealth appointment.
  • Sudden pain in the abdomen, fever, headache, injuries and rashes that are changing rapidly. Ring the surgery and ask for a same-day appointment or an urgent call-back
  • Sick children (children under  ten years of age) are often best seen in the surgery unless the problem is a familiar one to you and the GP.
  • Problems where the doctor will obviously need to examine you- blood pressure, diabetes, review following surgery, lumps, moles, rashes, eye, ear-nose-throat problems – If you are able to supply a good quality  picture by email or in the video consultation, some rashes can be diagnosed.
  • Illness where you already have had  telephone advice but without getting better. 
  • Long standing complaints will often take an in-person review to sort out.
  • Psychological problems are usually best managed in the consulting room, face-to-face.


Please have the questions you need to ask the doctor written down, so that you don’t forget to ask something important. Please ensure that you are able to take our call in a private and quiet room. Having access to a landline can sometimes be useful if the reception is poor on your mobile. Consider emailing  photographs, reports, measurements to (EMAIL ADDRESS COMING SOON) before the consultation. Reception will ensure the GP  sees these.

CONFIDENTIALITY – Please take care to consult with us  in private, unless you  specifically want another person to join the conversation. If you cannot accept our call back at the moment wheen you receive our call, please just say so briefly or email (EMAIL ADDRESS COMING SOON)  and we’ll call you back again later.You are welcome to record our consultation for play back, if that can help you. We shall not record the conversation from our end but we shall enter detailed clinical notes in your  file to assist us in your ongoing care.


  • Can I use Bedford Telehealth if I am not already a patient at the clinic?– Telehealth is best used by patients with whom we have an ongoing clinical relationship.If this is your first visit to Bedford Medical Centre, pleas e choose an in-person consultation instead.
  • Can my own GP or hospital refer me to the GP at Bedford for a telehealth consultation?– Yes, if you have been advised to consult us for one of our special services  such as  skin surgery, dermatology or sports medicine you can make a telehealth consultation.
  • What if I have to come in to see the GP after all? Will I have a long wait for an appointment– We aim to arrange  examinations within 24 hours of any telehealth visit at a time convenient to you. Usually this will be with the GP you spoke to , but occasionally, it may suit you better and allow a faster in person consultation if the first doctor briefs a colleague who will see you at the surgery.
  • Will I have to pay twice if I come in for examination?The fee for in person consultation with the GP  following a telehealth consult is €30 paid on arrival at reception. Nursing fees for tests are as for all other patients.