Associated Health Services

Mater Private Clinic

The Mater Private Hospital Group operates a local clinic at Bedford Medical Centre, where patients can avail of consultant specialist opinions in the fields of:

    • Heart diseases – (Dr. Diamond) 
  • General surgery – (Prof Gorey)

Services available include heart ultrasound (ECHO) scanning, Exercise Stress Tests and Holter monitoring.


Sam Mc Cauleys  Pharmacy

Sam Mc Cauleys team provide a full-service pharmacy on-site at the medical centre Monday to Friday. To contact them call 046 9028926.


Private Psychology Service 

There are a number of private Psychology services available at No 2 Bedford Place. 

MR. JIM CULLEN – Senior Clinical Psychologist

Jim Cullen is a Senior Clinical Psychologist specialising in Adult Mental Health. He has extensive experience in treating depression, anxiety, eating/weight difficulties, phobias, OCD, PTSD, relationship difficulties, low self-confidence, stress & grief.  

Enquiries/appointments may be made by contacting Jim directly on 087- 6911948.


Private Physiotherapy Service 

Ms. Joanne O’Hara is a Chartered Physiotherapist who provides a range of treatments by referral from the GPs or by directed, self-referral. Physiotherapy often assists in the diagnosis and treatment, amongst others, joint, occupational, lung and spinal problems.Please ask for a  referral or contact Joanne on 085 163 9480.

All above services are located at 2 Bedford Place, Navan.