It is the patient’s responsibility to order regular monthly medications in a timely manner, prior to the due date. Three working days is required notice, in writing, by the practice to process the large volume of requests we receive on a daily basis. Bedford Medical Centre operates a policy of accepting prescription requests in writing only.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be requested in the following ways:

Directly by completing this form

Please make sure to include patient’s full name, date of birth, address and for each drug: the name, the dose and the number of times per day.

Click here to send an email with your prescription

Online with PIN Number

New users are required to complete a simple registration prior to using this service which will then be emailed from the website directly to us.

Click here to complete your online prescription renewal

At Reception

Just complete the Repeat Prescription request form at our Reception in Clinic.

Please note that this policy is strictly adhered to and our medical secretaries are not permitted to accept verbal requests for medication at any time.


Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication should ensure medications are accurately recorded by discussing any changes with the doctor during a consultation.


Hospital Prescriptions:

The doctor must receive the ORIGINAL hospital prescription from the patient, in order to ensure accuracy in recording additional items on the patient record. 

Two working days notice is also required for the doctor to prescribe any new medication.

The pharmacy may dispense a short-term supply of the medication, during this waiting time for the new prescription.

Prescriptions may be collected at the surgery AFTER 2.30PM on the collection day or at any time during opening hours on any day thereafter.