Online Prescriptions

Online Repeat Prescription ordering is now available.

Please note that you need a PIN number and your date of birth to access your personal prescription record. Your medication list is stored securely at the surgery and you access it on a dedicated server. There is no internet access to the rest of your medical record, which is held on a separate server.

Email us to confirm that we have your correct date of birth on our system and to obtain your PIN.

You can then proceed to order repeat prescriptions, whenever you wish by clicking on the following link below:

Click here for the Online Repeat Prescription


 Instructions for using the On-Line Repeat Prescription Portal.

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Now, enter your date of birth and PIN number.

If login fails, please check that the Practice ID is set to G9000002

  3. Next, proceed to order medication…

4. Then CLICK on the items you need to order, a GREEN TICK appears.
Any item with a green tick is ordered.
Any item with a RED X is available but not ordered.

 5. Finally, click CONTINUE and proceed to LOGOUT

Please note that you can only order such drugs as are set up as repeat drugs and only for the number of times your doctor has approved the repeat before you need to be reviewed. If you cannot find the item you need, you must consult the GP as the prescription may have reached its review date.

Your prescription will be ready for collection after 72 working hours. Please collect your prescription at the reception desk.