Medical Card & GP Visit Card

The doctors in Bedford Medical Centre participate fully in the HSE Medical Card Scheme and have done so for many years. Each doctor has a number of patients registered on his HSE Panel.

Our medical card numbers have long surpassed the national norm. Hence, we have not been and are not accepting any new medical card patients presently. We review our policy in this regard on a quarterly basis, but due to the national shortage of qualified GPs, and the increase in the population in the Navan area, this position is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Types of Medical Cards available from the HSE are:

  • General Medical Card
  • GP Visit Card
  • Under 6s GP Visit Card
  • Over 70s GP Card

If you consider you are entitled to any of the above, please contact the HSE at for further information and application.


Medical Card Charges

It has been necessary, since September 2011, for this practice to introduce a  charge to medical card patients for the services listed below, which are not covered by the Medical Card contract between the Doctor and the Government.

Patients are entitled to and may choose to avail of some of these services through the HSE at another location e.g. bloods tests at the hospital.

Click to view our Medical Card Charges

Service Charge
Blood Tests: screening blood tests; bloods tests for on-going monitoring of chronic diseases; blood tests required by consultants €10
Therapeutic Venesection for Haemochromatosis €20
STI Screening: includes drawing of blood for HIV 1 + 2, Hep A, B, C, VDRL, TPHA and test for Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea €40
Administrative services: e.g. letters to support Medical Card applications; letters in relation to Housing, special Grants, travel; completion of Insurance forms, etc. €10
Driver’s Licence Examination: completion of NDLS  form €30
Minor Surgery: depending complexity of procedure €30-€80
Travel Vaccine Consultation  €55
Administration of vaccine by nurse €25 each
Dressings €30
Bexsero vaccine for children (per dose) €140


Under 6s GP Visit Card

From July 1st 2015 children up to their 6th birthday can access GMS services free-at-the-point-of-service from the surgery. Parents must register their child and have a valid GP Visit card for their child to avail of this new service.

Medical Card Holders – If your child or children have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card they will automatically be registered for this new scheme.

Non-Medical Card Holders – If your child or children does not have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card you must register them for this new scheme.

This service includes routine consultations during surgery hours and out of hours.

It does not cover health screening check-ups or administrative services such as certificates for travel, sport or school and repeat prescriptions.

Special services will also be provided for the measurement of height and weight and the improvement of asthma care in affected children.

The surgery will contact you about these services. Please do not make appointments with the nurse or GP for these until invited.

Currently, children automatically lose this entitlement on their 6th birthday.

Further information about this service can be found on the HSE website or ask for registration assistance at the reception desk.

Over 70s GP Visit Card

From 5th August 2015 everyone aged 70 or over, ordinarily resident in Ireland, will be eligible for free GP care regardless of income. This will allow such patients to see the GP or Practice Nurse for routine consultations, without having to pay fees.

All people aged 70 or over who do not have a Medical Card or GP Visit card can register to access this service online at, download the registration form or can enquire at reception.

Please also note that there are certain services, which we offer, but which are not covered by the medical card system. These include health check-ups other than those for patients with diabetes. Charges will apply for annual checks, blood tests, specialised investigations and treatments.

Entitlements for Medical Card Patients

The Flu vaccine is free to medical card patients and there is no charge for its administration. Please make sure to protect yourself from seasonal flu.

If you are not in the risk category of > 65 years of age or suffering from a chronic disease, there is a fee of €15 for administering the dose, though the vaccine is free.

There is also a charge for the following:

  • Implanon
  • Mirena
  • Phlebotomy
  • Driving Licence