Flu Vaccine

The Flu Vaccine is generally available at the surgery from the end of September onwards.  The HSE always undertake a national media campaign to inform the public when the vaccine is available. We have Flu Vaccine clinics

   daily from 2.30pm  to 5.00pm

There is no need to make an appointment, just check in with our receptionists and they will ensure the Practice Nurse provides your vaccine as quickly as possible.

You may have a short waiting time, depending on the demand on the day.


Medical Card & Doctor Visit Card Patients

The Flu vaccine is free to medical card patients and there is no charge for its administration. Please make sure to protect yourself from seasonal flu.

If you are not in the risk category of 65 years of age or suffering from a chronic disease, there is a fee of €15 for administering the shot, although the vaccine is free.

Non Medical Card Patients

The vaccine is free if you are over 65 years of age or have a medical condition of chronic lung disease, diabetes, heart disease. The administration fee is €15  from the practice nurse. Please protect yourself against seasonal flu.

If you are not over 65 years of age or in the medical risk categories listed above but you want to have the flu vaccine this year, you can also  have the vaccine when you consult for the additional fee of €15 to cover the cost of the vaccine or by making a separate appointment with the nurse (€15)